Building Designer for your new home

As a building designer, I can advise on what you need in your design for a fresh, unique modern home. The key is to plan a modern piece of design that is architecturally great and follows the modern principles of construction, and upon completion gets praise by every visitor to your new home. Whether the building design is for an apartment, multi-unit or a coastal home, our focus is on design functionality, energy efficiency and creativity. We can assist with entire building process – council applications, negotiation of contracts with builders, contract administration and even the post project completion services.

Choose Kube Design as a building designer for an elegant home design that matches your life-style, and helps you build a home within your budget.

Building Designer

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Professional Drafting Services

  • Drafting for Subdivision/multi-unit development
  • Professional detailed council building plans
  • Working drawings/building plans
Building Designer
Building Design

Building Designer Services

  • Energy Efficient House Designs
  • 3D Visualization / 3D Designs
  • Interior Design
  • Designing Builders Standard Plans

Why choose Kube Design for building design services

We help you select contractors , assist in contract administration and also oversee the construction.

We have very reasonable fees, tailored to meet the budget of our clients.

We are very flexible and can provide all or any part of the planning, design, and construction process as you desire.