Custom Home Designs with 3D Design concept

3D modeling is a standard part of the Kube Design service. They’re created in house to help clients visualise exactly how their home will look when it’s built and are created for new homes and renovations, internally and externally.

3D Design

The 3D model is generated from the exact dimensions of the design, and is an exact scale model of the home. The program is also able to simulate building materials and colour schemes for a completely accurate representation of the home.

Even those in the industry can find it difficult to visualise a project from a two dimensional drawing, and there are many advantages to using a 3D model. The model can be rotated to see exactly how the home will look from different angles at different times of the day. This means you can see where shadows are cast, how the home will look with the slope of the land and how all the elements do or don’t fit in the design. It’s a fantastic tool for streamlining the design process and it’s much better to change the home at the design stage then the building stage, which can be costly and potentially not viable.

From an industry perspective 3D modeling is not always a standard part of the service when designing a new home or renovation. Kube Design has decided that it is an essential element to provide the client with the best possible representation of the design and therefore includes this as a standard part of their service.

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