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A consultation with Kube Design will be invaluable. Whether in our Design Studio or On-Site, a review and discussion around your design ideas, “wishlist” and budget, will allow us to give you realistic and practical options for your project.

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This custom home design consultation will give you a basic idea of what you can have on the site and in your nominated budget. You can order a complete concept sketch design with a basic floor plan idea so that an estimator can prepare a project cost report. Kube Design team can further assist with a cost estimate while making sure that it fits in your nominated budget.

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  • Custom Home Design 100%
  • Project Management 90%
  • Interior Design 85%
  • Landscape Design 70%

Starting with a custom home design consultation can be a bit overwhelming, but starting without advice or the wrong advice could cost time and money so it’s imperative to get professional advice from the beginning.

These are the skill contribution in our projects

Every home project is unique. You need to consider the shape, slope, size and soil type of your block along with any local government planning regulations . The project budget then needs to be aligned to ensure that all costs associated with all of the necessary items are thought of and covered off (ie Land/Existing House, Demolition, Design & Approvals, Build Costs, Pools, Landscaping / Fencing etc).

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