Initial Consultation

Please contact us to arrange an initial consultation. At this meeting, held in our office, we discuss in broad terms what your requirements are and discuss a number of issues including:

  • The site conditions
  • Any regulations or overlays that may affect the site
  • Your living requirements (The design brief)
  • The style of design
  • The project budget
  • The design process

We have a number of concept designs and previous projects to refer back to in order to provide a “ball Park” estimate of the project buildings costs. Our customers love home design architect, drawings, concepts created by the team.

The initial meeting usually runs for 30-45 minutes. From this meeting, a design scope of works can be established and a project fee proposal will be developed. Once the proposal is accepted, we can commence the design works.

Design Development and 3D modelling

Upon approval of the concept sketch design, we will prepare the design in our 3 Dimensional design software. This allows the project to develop and any issues can be resolved at an early stage. The development and design of project specific elements such as materials, furnishings and other features are now well communicated. We nominate on the floor plans, specific room sizes and indicate locations for furniture and fittings. We develop elevations to explore the design intent and seek preliminary consultant advice as the design evolves.


At this stage, we have our estimator prepare a project cost report to ensure that the design proceeds in accordance with the project budgets.

Design Development and 3D modelling

Rendered image and animations are developed to assist in the visualization of the design.

Design Development and 3D modelling