Most Celebrated Casino Architects from Around the World

Casinos have long been associated with great architecture. Besides Las Vegas is one of the most vibrantly designed gambling destinations, there are many separate casinos around the world designed with pure dedication by architects.

This article details the architects responsible for some of the most memorable casino designs.

Daryl Jackson

The brains behind Australia’s crown jewel of gambling, ‘Crown Casino’ in Melbourne, was Daryl Jackson. With the casino’s design elements being inspired by the architect wanting the casino the be the focal point of Yarra Rivers riverside, the design elements have a natural look with dazzling displays of light and glass.

The crown is not the only spectacular achievement from this gifted architect, who has received many honours for his modern design of various structures in Melbourne.

Jean Faugeron

Jean Faugeron is most well known for being the architect of the Montreal Casino in Canada, which has been largely compared to the outstanding design elements of the Sydney Opera House. The casino has been well known for possessing landmark architectural values with three interconnected buildings.

Jean Faugeron has also been noted as being the architect behind the Andre Malraux Art Museum, which has been an architectural masterpiece for many architects.

Jay Sarno

Jay Sarno is a well-known Architect who designed the world-famous Caesars Palace in the 1960s. Even with newer Cesar’s palace casinos, his true vision is still replicated through small modifications. From the floors to the enormous monument of Julius Caesar at the entrance of the casino, it’s all thanks to Jay Sarno for designing this iconic casino.

Whether visiting a ground-based casino or an online casino, there are always ways to gamble and see some of the most beautiful architectural landmarks. Even with online gambling platforms such as BitStarz Australia becoming the preferred means of gambling for many, architectural landmarks will still always be admired and visited.