National Architecture Award-Winning Home Design in Australia

Australian architecture has always been extremely innovative, not only by modernising traditional architectural designs but by using the beauty of its natural landscapes to enhance its architectural styles. This article focuses on the most astonishing designs from the past few years and the awards they have won from the Australian Institute of Architects.

Together with the amount of landmark architectural destinations still being admired by locals and tourists, the new architectural buildings catered to boutique developments are slowly becoming admired by the public and architecture enthusiasts.

With these astonishing designs, it’s obvious that Australia is quickly becoming an architectural destination of note.

Floating Sauna – Derby, Tasmania

The Floating Sauna in Derby was designed by Licht Architecture and has won a Small Project Architecture Award. The design has proven to draw the attention of fellow architects all around the world. The design sees two table sheds on the lake with a backdrop of the quarry cliffs and rainforest. The one shed is a changing room and the other a fully fletched sauna. There is a pedestrian bridge that connects the ground surface to the pontoon.

Bunkeren at Whitebridge – Newcastle

Bunkeren at Whitebridge was designed by James Stockwell and was inspired by wartime coastal bunkers. To achieve climatic stability, the house has been built to be housed half buried. The bunker design helps for protection against bushfires and optimises biodiversity. This astonishing piece of architecture won the Residential architecture award from the Australian Institute of Architects.

Night Sky at Blackheath – New South Wales

Another home that has won a Residential Architecture Award from the Australian Institute of Architects. Night Sky at Blackheath was designed by Peter Stutchvury Architecture and built for a single astronomer who uses a wheelchair. Being both a home and an observatory, this home has the main living space with a high parabolic arched roof with an elliptical hole. The design provides the owner with a sunlight-filled home and easy night sky observations.

The designs on this page are all designed and built by Australian architects with a focus on innovative architecture, mixing modern and traditional elements together to keep the natural surroundings intact.