The Rise of Boutique Housing Developments in Australia

Residential property developers have long been shifting to boutique and low-density projects to help with the rising housing costs in the country. High-density property development has been falling out of favour for many years due to the low percentage of the population being able to afford to house.

Boutique apartments and housing have stepped in to provide functional yet luxurious housing to those who are not looking to spend a fortune on quality homes.

Small, unique, luxurious, and lower in pricing are the main factors behind the popularity of boutique apartments in Australia. These apartments range from one to three bedrooms with a wide focus on architectural and interior design to make the apartment stand out with an abundance of natural light and a lot of space.

Key Characteristics

Boutique apartments have certain characteristics that keep them apart from other luxurious homes and high-end apartments. This includes the locations, design, and construction.

Quality Construction is one of the most important characteristics to consider when looking into purchasing a boutique apartment. Boutique specialised developers partner with industry-leading building companies and architects to provide the best quality possible to homebuyers. This makes purchasing a boutique apartment a great investment.

Boutique hotels are widely situated in specific high-density and in-demand suburbs. Both lifestyle and local facilities play an enormous role in whether a boutique apartment will sell or not. With most boutique hotels and apartments being built in elevated locations in Perth and Northbridge stunning views are always at the top of the key points when purchasing a boutique apartment.

With boutique apartments being closely associated with luxury lifestyles, they are constantly being revamped with modern design elements that provide the owner with a beautiful apartment with modern touches. Modern touches usually add a lot of space to these small yet spacious homes. Clever use of interior space and exterior design sets the boutique apartment apart from other design apartments.

With boutique apartments being widely considered the new trend in housing and providing further growth in the industry, more home buyers can now invest in smaller economic households that won’t break the bank and provide sufficient space, with the housing industry in Australia having extremely high prices boutique apartments have become great investments.